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CMSIS Configuration Wizard v0.0.4 Released

Posted on 20th April

CMSIS Configuration Wizard has been updated to v0.0.4. This release fixes a bug in the selection modifiers so that they now accept both decimal and hexadecimal numbers. Also, the filters in the file dialogs have been changed to accept both C source and header files.

Get the latest version from the project page.

CMSIS Configuration Wizard v0.0.2 Released

Posted on 7th April

The first version of CMSIS Configuration Wizard has been released. CMSIS Configuration Wizard is a free and open-source software tool that allows users to easily configure ARM source files without using the Keil uVision IDE. The wizard parses the source file and generates a GUI, allowing the various parameters to be edited.

Check it out at the project page.

Screenshot of CMSIS Configuration Wizard editing a file.

PC-Lint Wizard v0.1.2 Released

Posted on 18th February

An update to PC-Lint Wizard has been released. v0.1.2 fixes a bug where the program would not load on Windows XP (and other NT Family OSs) as the application icon was greater than 48×48 pixels in size.

Download it from the SourceForge page.