HelmPCB is an embedded systems design consultancy. We specialise in the design of embedded systems with an emphasis on Embedded Linux, ATEX/IECEX Explosion Proof design, Low Power IoT, BLE and LoRaWAN systems.

Embedded Linux

Our embedded Linux experience spans all the way from the application layer down to the bootloader. Our work involves getting full Linux systems up and running on custom hardware, customized to the customer’s specification.

  • Bootloader configuration
  • Kernel & Devicetree configuration
  • Driver modification, debugging and porting
  • Storage configuration
  • Application development and installation
  • OTA update systems integration

ATEX/IECEX Explosion Proof Design

We have several projects worth of experience in designing and certifying ATEX/IECEX intrinsically safe systems for use in explosive atmospheres.

  • Intrinsically safe system design
  • Technical documentation preparation
  • Quality systems setup and maintenance
  • Testing and final certification


We have been responsible for both the setup of a city-wide LoRaWAN network and the development of low-power IoT devices using LoRa and BLE. We can help you get your own low power IoT project up and running fast.

  • Low power embedded systems design
  • LoRaWAN gateway selection, configuration and modification
  • LoRaWAN Network Server setup
  • LoRa powered end-nodes
  • Bluetooth Low Energy

Embedded Systems Design and Development

We have over 10 years of experience designing a wide variety of embedded systems, from low-power IoT devices to ruggedized automotive control systems for fuel tankers.

  • 8-bit PIC16 & PIC12, 16-bit PIC24, 32-bit PIC32 and ARM Cortex-M3 and -M0 micros, 32-bit ARM9 CPUs.
  • Embedded RTOSs: Apache Mynewt, FreeRTOS.
  • Wireless modules: GSM/GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth, 802.15.4, including antenna transmission line design.
  • Many communication protocols: UART, I2C, SPI, USB, CAN (including J1939), 1-wire
  • Sensors: analogue and digital pressure sensors, colour sensors, Hall Effect sensors, optical sensors.
  • Switching regulator power supply design.
  • Actuators: Motors, solenoids, linear actuators, valves.
  • SMD and BGA design.
  • Multi-layer PCB design
  • Compliance
    • CE Marking
    • EMC testing, designing for EMC compliance (according to 2004/104/EC Class D)
    • In-house precompliance testing

Dr. Amr Bekhit, BEng, PhD

Electronics has been a hobby of mine since school so it was natural that I would continue it as a career. After graduating from the University of Leeds, UK with a First Class Honours in Mechatronics, I started work at MechTronic Ltd, Leeds as an embedded systems engineer, where I continued to work there for almost 10 years, designing rugged, explosion-proof automotive control, measurement and tracking systems for use on road fuel tankers. Working at MechTronic gave me insight into the entire product development cycle from prototyping, development, manufacturing and customer support. During those 10 years I also started and completed my PhD thesis (download), also from the University of Leeds. After relocating to Turkey, I joined Yaşam Teknik, where I was responsible for the software development of a LoRaWAN gateway and network server, and the hardware and software development of a LoRa powered smart water meter for rollout in a major Turkish city.

As the director of HelmPCB, I look forward to putting my years of experience in helping you get your project off the ground.

You can download a detailed CV here.

Get in touch below to discuss your project with us and see how our expertise can help you get up and running fast.