CMSIS Configuration Wizard is a free and open-source tool for easily configuring ARM CMSIS files without the need to use the Keil uVision IDE.

Several files in the ARM CMSIS, such as the system_xxx.c files, contain structured comments that describe how a GUI can be generated that allows the various constants in the file to be configured. These comments are intended to be processed by the Keil uVision IDE, which generates a GUI editor that allows these constants to be read and configured in a human readable form. With CMSIS Configuration Wizard, non-Keil users can now also benefit from easy configuration of their ARM devices.

Screenshot of CMSIS Configuration Wizard editing a file.
Screenshot of CMSIS Configuration Wizard editing a file.


  • Cross-platform software, written in Java.
  • Understands all Configuration Wizard Annotations in a source file and displays them in an easy to use GUI.
  • Process both C and assembler files.


CMSIS Configuration Wizard can be downloaded from the project’s SourceForge page.


If you have any problems, please post a message on the SourceForge CMSIS Configuration Wizard Forums.