PC-Lint Wizard is a free and open-source GUI-based tool designed to facilitate setting up and maintaining Gimpel’s PC-Lint source code analysis tool for your projects.

PC-Lint Wizard is written using the Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Basic 2010.

Screenshot of PC-Lint Wizard.


  • Easy to use GUI tool.
  • Configure global Lint settings.
  • Create individual compiler profiles.
  • Set up Lint for your project by dragging and dropping files and folders with recursive folder searching.
  • Files and folders are saved as relative file paths, so that Lint can still be run if you change your project location or check it out of source control.


PC-Lint Wizard can be downloaded from the project’s SourceForge page.



If you have any problems, post them on the SourceForge PC-Lint Wizard Forums.